Downtown Lancaster, PA is full of a plethora of unique businesses. Whether strolling through on a typical business day or checking out the sights on First Friday, you’re bound to see a mix of retail, galleries, eateries, barber shops, and more.

One of the most common form of signage you’ll see is vinyl window lettering. Installing vinyl lettering and logos on windows brings your brand right in the face of passers by and attracts window shoppers to peer inside for more.

Vinyl Window Lettering – Spex in the City

vinyl window letteringWe’ve installed dozens of storefront vinyl window lettering to all sorts of establishments in Lancaster City.

A local entrepreneur opened 3 stores on the first block of N. Queen St. in the past couple years and has used us for a variety of projects. The first store, Spex in the City, was located within a small, interior shopping mall.

We love this designer eye wear store name and corresponding logo. Created by another graphic designer, this beautiful logo was easily handed over to us to print on vinyl.

Graphic designers often create multiple file formats in high resolution for reproduction in all sorts of media. The store’s abundant windows allowed for multiple opportunities for logo placement. We installed 2 logos as well as hours of operation.

Vinyl Wall and Window Lettering – Rec Spex

Vinyl Wall Lettering 1The sister store, Rec Spex, specialized in designer eye wear suited for sports and leisure. This store also featured some minimal vinyl window lettering but also had an opportune blue wall that was easily seen from the sidewalk outside.

A large vinyl wall lettering and logo was installed for the signage for this store. Vinyl lettering can adhere to most non-porous surfaces and walls and windows are typically overlooked as business owners can fixate on traditional signage.

Don’t forget the windows that people walk right past!

Vinyl Window Lettering – Ditto Couture

vinyl window letteringThe third store was Ditto Couture featured designer handbags, fragrances, and accessories.

This store had large windows on either side of the central entrance door. A 2-color vinyl window lettering and logo was installed in the bottom of these panes of glass so not to block the merchandise that was prominently displayed in the displays.

The entrance door set back further and we installed a smaller vinyl window lettering and logo along with hours of operation.

Vinyl window lettering offers several advantages to other types of signage. It can be one of the most cost effective forms of signage and removes very easily with a razor blade, heat gun, and adhesive remover.

vinyl window letteringThis signage is most visible when installed on the outer side of glass. Keep in mind that if you elect to print vinyl window lettering or logos, this is done on a white vinyl film, so the interior will display the white color, not the printed color. Vinyl window lettering needs to be installed when outside temperatures are over 45° F or they may not adhere well to the glass.

Whether you have your first store, new location, or third business venture on one city block, we’d love a chance to install vinyl window lettering for you.

Please contact us with the details and we’d be happy to provide you with some ideas and a cost. Feel free to give us some basic information in the form and provide us with some basic ideas and a logo file if you have it.