Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl films come in many colors and finishes. This material is divided into 2 main groups, cut vinyl and printed vinyl. Cut Vinyl will last longer than printed media for the most part, with longevity of some films reaching a decade or more. Films come in hundreds of colors and finishes including opaque, translucent, reflective, metallic, etched glass, and other specialty films.

Vinyl lettering and graphics can be installed to most smooth, non-porous surfaces and plotted in virtually any shape. Although Printed Vinyl offers more versatility in design, it can begin fading in 5-7 years. A thin, clear laminate is typically applied to printed vinyl to reduce fading from UV light and to keep the ink from being worn off of the film.

Vehicle Lettering & Graphics

vinyl vehicle letteringWhether you need a simple, one-color design or an elaborate design on your vehicle including full-color images. Vinyl lettering and graphics can be added to capture your organizations name, phone number, website address, slogans, or other pertinent information you wish to display to the public.

Designs should convey the fundamental elements you wish to communicate without distracting clutter of too much vinyl lettering or graphics. Keep in mind vehicles often move at a high rate of speed and you have only a few seconds to catch attention with your vinyl lettering and graphics. Our shop does not wrap vehicles in vinyl.

Custom Vinyl Lettering

100_2418We have assisted a number of organizations with all sorts of vinyl lettering. We can create your specific lettering for labeling storage areas and shelving, door numbers, additions to existing sign lettering, and more. We have thousands of fonts and can create custom vinyl lettering to your exact specifications.

We recommend not cutting letters or numbers that are less than 1″ in height as some of the more delicate parts of these can be lost. Be sure to pay attention to the width you are placing lettering in as fonts may vary in spacing widths. You can even create or modify your own signs by ordering do-it-yourself vinyl lettering and having it shipped to you.

Window Lettering & Decals

vinyl window lettering and decalsGlass is a great surface for vinyl installation. Not only is it the perfect non-porous surface, but vinyl lettering and decals can easily be removed later with a razor blade. We have installed vinyl lettering on glass on vehicle windows, doors, and large storefront windows of all sorts. Whether you are a small business and wish to just add a logo to your vehicle’s windows, or post your store hours on an entry door to your place of business we can assist you.

You may choose to use either printed or cut vinyl for your design and transparent and privacy films are also available. Whenever possible, it is recommended to install vinyl lettering to the exterior of windows for maximum visibility.

Wall Lettering & Decals

vinyl wall letteringIf you are a business or organization and wish to display slogans, inspirational quotes or your company logo, vinyl lettering is a great way to add these elements without the permanency and labor of painting them. Flat-finish vinyl is available in a variety of colors for these elements. This finish will help to not accentuate slight fluctuations that drywall typically displays.

Walls should be painted for at least a month and cleaned prior to installation. This material can be fairly easy to remove at a later time. It may also be a great alternative to traditional signs that need mounting hardware that goes through drywall. We only create these items for businesses, not personal projects.