If you’re contemplating vehicle wraps for your commercial vehicle but are on the fence because of cost, know there is another alternative.

Truck lettering once began in a more simpler manner with displaying a few key elements on a vehicle such as your company logo, contact information, and a few bullet points of what you do. Vehicle wraps are being more widely used but the majority of commercial vehicle graphics on the road are still in the form of what we as a sign shop call, “truck lettering”.

Truck LetteringOne of our long-time clients, Peris Heating & Cooling came to us for some help. This Lancaster, PA company has used us to create signs and to install truck lettering on pickups and vans.

Their owner called us to inform us that this large van was on order with a nearby dealer and they were anxious to get their logo and vinyl lettering installed. Installing a vehicle wrap on a van this size could have easily cost over $2,000 for a vehicle of this size.

The company actually prefers the classic look of truck lettering compared to a busier design of a wrap, and the fact that it’s about half of the price of vehicle wraps, made this an easy choice.

Truck Lettering Process

The first step was for us to get a close look at the new van. We discussed placement and the size of certain elements on the van. After taking pictures of all sides along with some crucial measurements, we began laying out the design.

Truck Lettering DesignDesigning vehicle graphics and truck lettering starts with importing the pictures and adjusting them in our software to real-life size. We place logos, lettering, and all other elements directly onto the pictures and then send an email proof to the company so they can see exactly what their truck lettering will look like when finished. After any changes are made, we send the design to a vinyl plotter which cuts out the various pieces and then prepare them for installation.

Custom vinyl lettering used on vehicle lettering on a vanWe meticulously review the design and note exact measurements of where each piece gets installed and then place them on the vehicle in precisely the same locations after the vehicle is carefully cleaned for optimum adhesion.

The result of vehicle lettering is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising a company can make. The initial investment is unlike other forms of advertising that require ongoing payment.

Your truck lettering becomes a rolling billboard that receives thousands of impressions every single day it’s on the road.

Depending upon the exposure to sun and wear and tear, truck lettering typically lasts for 7-10 years before any fading starts to occur. That means hundreds of thousands of advertising impressions from a small investment.

Truck LetteringIf you have one or a whole fleet of vehicles you are considering wrapping, but don’t want to invest the amount that vehicle wraps can cost, consider truck lettering. Simple designs like this one are a classic and elegant way to advertise your brand at about half the cost of a wrap. We often tell our customers that less is more.

The smaller the vehicle, the less you will have room for. Start with a logo and contact information and if there is room, add featured services and slogans. Use all sides of the vehicle if you can, and don’t forget to install truck lettering on the rear. People are often able to have more time to read when sitting behind you in traffic.

If you’d like to learn more about the cost of truck lettering for your van, truck, or car, please send us as much information as possible. Fill out the contact form and include relevant details such as overall concept, logo files, etc.