Stickers and Decals

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, stickers and decals can be created to virtually an specification with almost any design. Uses for these include custom labels, custom stencils, and window stickers and decals. Designs are printed directly on vinyl film and then laminated to reduce fading. These custom decals and stickers can be created individually, or in large quantities for best pricing.

Custom Labels

custom labelsIf you need to create stickers and decals in the form of custom labels we would be happy to assist you. Whether you need to provide instructions or to post warning labels, we can manufacture them to your exact specifications. Labels can also be used to add your company’s logo and contact information to items you install or repair.

These labels will withstand UV light for many years and their lamination will protect the ink, allowing for cleaning. These labels can be easily applied to most smooth, non-porous surfaces and can be later removed with a heat gun and adhesive remover. Be sure to test the finish of the application area to insure it won’t be damaged upon removal.

Custom Stencils

custom stencilsPainting contractors, auto body shops, RV dealers and repair shops often get us to fabricate stickers and decals in the form of custom vinyl stencils for their projects. This allows them to paint lettering on surfaces like concrete, etc. where vinyl may not endure long-term. Stencils also may be the best option if vinyl films don’t provide an exact color match.

The vinyl film used for custom stencils is easily applied and removed after painting to reveal crisp, smooth lines on the edges of lettering. Surfaces must be extremely clean and recommended to be very smooth so not to create bleeding edges where paint can leak under the stencils. These stencils are only good for a single use.

Window Stickers and Decals

stickers and decalsStickers and decals are applied to many surfaces. Whether you are trying to raise awareness for a cause, promote your band, or getting your customers to proudly display your brand’s logo, we can create custom stickers and decals for you.

If you need cut vinyl or a solid decal we can provide you with a quality product that will withstand UV light and be able to wipe clean if it gets dirty. These are most affordable when ordered in large quantities of at least 50 units per order. The larger the order, the less each piece will end up costing.