Sidewalk Signs

If you own a store, restaurant or any other business that has need for sidewalk signs, we’ve got you covered. These sign holders come in a variety of sizes, materials, and features.

Sidewalk signs are a great purchase! Some common uses include:

  • Daily Restaurant Specials
  • Promotional Messages
  • Additional Signage if Yours is Hard to See
  • Directional or Parking Signs
  • Now Hiring Signs
  • Event Detail Postings


Light-Use Sidewalk Signs

plastic sidewalk signLight-use sidewalk signs typically are constructed in an A-frame, that folds flat for easy storage. Most frames are constructed of sturdy steel, giving them the rigidity you want and a little weight from keeping them from toppling over with the slightest wind.

Plastic options also exist, which are ideal for interior applications where you don’t need a lot of weight and need something that is very easily moved and stowed away.

Heavy-Use Sidewalk Signs

sidewalk sign on wheelsHowever, if you think your site is prone to gusty winds or even people bumping into these signs, consider some other sidewalk sign options. Many frames come with spring-loaded bases, that allow the sign blank to flex back and forth, even withstanding winds up to 50 mph. The bases can be filled with water for added weight to keep them in place as well.

Sidewalk signs are a great way to have signage temporarily near the roadside or on sidewalks themselves. They can conveniently have messages changed out with removable panels. These panels can be printed on plastic sheets or sturdy, thin aluminum sign blanks. For added cost savings, these inserts can be printed on both sides, to reduce the amount of inserts you may have.

Sidewalk Sign Design & Fabrication

We’d love a chance to create a sidewalk sign that is perfect for your business or organization. Be sure to consult with your local municipality or building owner about your ability to use these signs. When you’re ready to discuss your sidewalk sign, contact us and give us the following details:

  • Quantity of Signs
  • Approximate Size of Sidewalk Sign
  • Use of Sign (interior or exterior)
  • Any Considerations for Wind/Durability
  • Logos and General Design Instructions