Magnetic Signs

custom vehicle magnetic signsTemporary and re-positionable magnetic signs offer an alternative to more permanent vehicle lettering solutions. Allow your vehicle to easily transition from business use to personal with magnets.

Most commonly, magnetic signs for vehicles are 12″ tall x 24″ wide, with rounded corners, and produced in pairs. Options also are available to produce reflective magnetic signs that can be more easily spotted at night.

Are Magnetic Signs Right for You?

Magnetic signs aren’t right for everyone, and depending who you ask, you’ll get some varying answers. In order to be sure vehicle magnets are right for your vehicle, consider these 3 questions:

1.  Will Magnets Stick to Your Vehicle?

Take a small refrigerator magnet and test various areas. The magnet should stick and not slide. Some vehicles are produced with fiberglass or plastic panels, not allowing magnets to adhere. Most stainless steels also will not hold magnets (in case you have a DeLorean!)

For the most part magnetic signs will stick to most car, truck and van doors or body panels. 

2.  Are the Drawbacks of Magnetic Signs Significant to You?

Truck magnets may be easy to remove for your weekend personal use, but that same positive becomes a negative if you think your magnetic signs have a chance of being stolen. 

magnetic signsLikewise, magnetic signs can rarely blow off at high speeds, particularly if the surface underneath them is dirty. Another drawback of magnetic signs is that if their backing and the surface they are applied to isn’t carefully cleaned, small scratches could appear if sliding them around on a vehicle’s clear coat. It isn’t extremely likely, but it’s possible. 

Vehicle magnets also require careful storage. For best use, store them on a flat surface, attached to the side of a clean, smooth, steel cabinet or door if possible. 

3.  Does the Temporary Nature of Magnetic Signs Reflect Your Business Model?

There’s definitely a time and place for magnetic signs. Heck, as you can see above, even U-Stickit Graphics has been known to slap a pair of magnets on one of our own vehicles in the past!

However, as your business or organization matures, you may want to carefully consider if temporary vehicle signage is right for the message your brand is conveying. One criticism of truck magnets is that companies can appear that they are a painter one day, a landscaper the next, and out of business a few months later. 

If this consideration makes magnetic signs a less than ideal choice for your organization, consider vinyl vehicle lettering instead.

Great Uses for Magnetic Signs

custom magnetic signDon’t get us wrong, we don’t hate magnetic signs. In a lot of instances, displaying some sort of branding on your vehicles is better than none! There can be great applications for this type of signage, such as mounting a large magnetic sign to a steel garage door, or displaying temporary vehicle lettering for back-up or sales vehicles.

It’s truly a decision that you need to make and it may be perfectly acceptable for your organization.

Ordering Magnets for Vehicles and More

We’d love to discuss your magnetic sign needs. In most circumstances, a pair of standard 12″ x 24″ magnets will cost somewhere between $140-$160 + tax and shipping. These magnets are produced on high-quality materials and will last for many years. Be careful when comparing prices, as many online supplier’s magnets will fade in just a few months.

In order to give you a free quote for magnetic signs, please provide us with the following details:

  • Quantity of Magnets (either in pairs or singles, unit cost is lower as quantity increases)
  • Sizes of Magnets (standard 12″x24″, or custom size)
  • Logo Files or General Design Instructions