How Much Does Van and Truck Lettering Cost?

vinyl truck lettering cost

Whether you’re a company that has a fleet of one or one hundred vehicles on the road, van or truck lettering is a great way to promote your business. This cost-effective advertising lasts for many years, well beyond the money you’ll spend each month on print ads, mailers, or other forms of marketing.

Yard Signs for Athletic Club in Lancaster, PA

Corrugated plastic yard signs for your business

The Penn Legacy and Hempfield Rugby Clubs wanted to get the word out a few months before spring registration began. One communication method they chose was to place signs near the entrances and exits of some local schools to attract potential players.

With so many potential sign locations, the cost of placing signs seemed as if it could get pricey. However, the club was aware of an effective, low-cost sign choice, corrugated plastic yard signs.

Vinyl Lettering and Decals for Photographers

We sincerely appreciate the amazing talent of a good photographer. There truly is an art in the right angle, lighting, and editing effects of a great shot. It seems that almost everyone knows a vocational photographer. We often refer our favorite photo-taking friends to others seeking that ideal pro for their next session.

With so much competition and busy schedules, it can be difficult for photographers to spread the word about their business. One very popular form of marketing we have helped with is vinyl lettering and decals for photographers.

Vinyl Window Lettering – Lancaster, PA

vinyl window lettering

Downtown Lancaster, PA is full of a plethora of unique businesses. Whether strolling through on a typical business day or checking out the sights on First Friday, you’re bound to see a mix of retail, galleries, eateries, barber shops, and more.

One of the most common form of signage you’ll see is vinyl window lettering. Installing vinyl lettering and logos on windows brings your brand right in the face of passers by and attracts window shoppers to peer inside for more.

Truck Lettering for HVAC Van

Custom vinyl lettering used on vehicle lettering on a van

If you’re contemplating vehicle wraps for your commercial vehicle but are on the fence because of cost, know there is another alternative.

Truck lettering once began in a more simpler manner with displaying a few key elements on a vehicle such as your company logo, contact information, and a few bullet points of what you do. Vehicle wraps are being more widely used but the majority of commercial vehicle graphics on the road are still in the form of what we as a sign shop call, “truck lettering”.

Aluminum Signs for Warehouse

custom aluminum metal signs

One of the most common types of signs we make are aluminum signs. These signs do not rust and are fairly lightweight when compared to other substrates such as wood or some plastics, depending upon their width. Aluminum signs typically come in a variety of anodized coatings in various colors. This bonds the paint to the metal and creates a smooth, attractive surface that is ideal for installing vinyl lettering and graphics for signage.

Aluminum sign blanks come in a variety of sizes, but most aluminum signs we create are typically either 12″ x 18″ or 18″ x 24″. Signs can also be cut to size in virtually any size with sheets ranging up to 5′ wide and 12′ long. They also can be made as standard, opaque signs or made as reflective signs.

Vinyl Stencils for Painting Contractor

We love variety, even when it’s a small, simple project like this one featuring vinyl stencils. One of our favorite types of companies to do work for are commercial painting contractors like Penn Coat, Inc. We’ve been providing services for them for over a decade now with everything from installing van and truck lettering on their fleet of vehicles to the many sets of vinyl lettering they require.

Aluminum Sign – Soccer Field in York, PA

custom aluminum metal signs

This local soccer club in York County PA was in the market for a new sign. Their old, dilapidated wooden sign had been up on treated wood posts for several decades. It was so old, in fact, that it was a hand-painted sign.

The paint was chipping and it was beginning to peel. It was time for a change. One of the parents that served on the committee decided to contact us to see how we could help upgrade their sign. Creating an aluminum sign seemed to be the logical choice.