One of the most common types of signs we make are aluminum signs. These signs do not rust and are fairly lightweight when compared to other substrates such as wood or some plastics, depending upon their width. Aluminum signs typically come in a variety of anodized coatings in various colors. This bonds the paint to the metal and creates a smooth, attractive surface that is ideal for installing vinyl lettering and graphics for signage.

Aluminum sign blanks come in a variety of sizes, but most aluminum signs we create are typically either 12″ x 18″ or 18″ x 24″. Signs can also be cut to size in virtually any size with sheets ranging up to 5′ wide and 12′ long. They also can be made as standard, opaque signs or made as reflective signs.

Aluminum Signs for Warehouse in Lancaster, PA

aluminum signsTomlinson Bomberger in Lancaster, PA has been a long-time client. We’ve been fortunate to install truck lettering on most of their fleet along with trailer lettering, yard signs, banners, and many aluminum signs for postings of all sorts.

One custom aluminum sign project we completed for them recently was just to communicate a message by their warehouse door. They wanted a sign as large as they could fit, within reason. The space was limited on the inside, only permitting a 12″ x 18″ blank.

On the outside, there was more room, so we used a 18″ x 24″ aluminum sign so that drivers could see the sign more prominently.

Aluminum Signs for SafetySome other aluminum signs we’ve completed for them in the past were created to communicate safety messages.

Warning signs or those indicating hazards are a must for any commercial space. Some of these signs are fairly uniform, but when needed, we can create custom aluminum signs, each with a specific size, color, and message like these red and white aluminum signs for a previous project.

We appreciate all the various ways we get to help this local company market their brand and communicate various messages through posted signs on their property. Thanks so much for your business!


How Much Do Aluminum Signs Cost?

As a sign shop, we can create aluminum signs whether it’s one, two, or hundreds of signs. Custom sizing, lower quantities, and additions of multiple colors will influence pricing. Aluminum signs can range anywhere from $20/sign with a larger quantity of stock size, simple layout, and single color to hundreds of dollars per sign when creating a larger, single sign with multiple colors or reflective films.

If you have an aluminum sign project you’d like pricing on we’d be happy to help. Just send us the quantity, sizes, specifications/layout and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote. Just fill out the form and let us know how we can help you.


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Last Modified: December 29, 2016